Axgio Neon N3 review: stylish soldier

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Axgio is a new name in the smartphones industry. The company released their first phone one year ago with their own operating system called Neonado OS. Of course it’s just a modified version of Android. However Axgio claims that their operating system is specially optimized for MTK processors, which are used in their smartphones. The first company’s phones didn’t make lots of noise, but seems that they managed to attract more attention with Axgio Neon N3. It packs promising hardware and has an eye-catching design. Let’s take a closer look.

Axgion Neon N3 specifications

Axgio Neon N3Quad-Core 64-Bit MTK6732 1.5GHz processor

Android 4.4 (should be upgraded to Android 5.0)

RAM 1GB+ROM 8GB+microSD card slot

HD 5″ multi-point capacitive IPS touch screen with 1280*720 pixels resolution

5.0 MP front camera (interpolated to 8 MP) and 13 MP rear camera with Sony IMX135 sensor

2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz 3G: WCDMA 900/1900/2100MHz 4G: FDD-LTE: 800/1900/2100/2600MHz

Design and build quality

The first thing, which you will notice about Axgio Neon N3, is the design. It’s definitely one of the phone’s strongest arguments. The phone measures 143.5 mm  x 71.1 mm x 8.6mm, which is similar to one of the other beautiful phones we reviewed – Cubot S200 (it measures 144 mm x 71.7 mm x 9.45 mm). It weighs a little bit more than the usual 5-inch smartphone – 174 grams. However that’s because of the metal body, which Axgio Neon N3 has. We can compare the phone with another metal smartphone – HTC M8. M8 is lighter and it weighs 160 grams.

If you just look at the pictures, then you might think, that actually the whole phone is made out of metal. We thought so as well. But a closer inspection shows that only part of Axgio Neon N3 is metal. Only the back lid and the side frames are made of metal. The top and the bottom frames look similar, but they are different and we found out with disappointment that they are plastic.

The left side of the phone has nothing – no buttons there. The power button and the volume rocker are both placed at the right side. The buttons are made out of metal as well and they are a little bit loose. However they are not as loose as on Doogee F1 and they don’t knock on the metal frame producing annoying sound (unless you don’t shake the phone really hard). One the top you’ll find the micro usb port and the 3.5 mm audio jack. The bottom of the phone has just a single microphone hole. We didn’t spot a second noise cancellation microphone anywhere.

The front panel looks quite interesting. The display gives you an optical illusion that there are no bezels, but when you turn the phone on, you’ll see that actually there are bezels on both left and right sides. The buttons at the bottom of the front side have no back light. Unfortunately they are just drawings and they are not visible in the dark. The front camera is placed at the top right corner of the front side. The sensors are next to it and there is a big conversation speaker in the middle.

Axgio Neon N3 cameraThe back side has the 13 MP camera placed in the middle of the top, with a flashlight on the right side. There’s some stylish element with no function just under the camera. We don’t see any functional purpose, although it looks like back touch panel (but it’s not). The back lid has a size similar to the size of the display. Don’t try to remove it with bare hands. There’s a special tool in Axgio Neon N3’s box, which you must use for the back lid. There’s a shiny Axgio’s logo at the bottom of the removable lid. Lastly you can see the speaker at the bottom left.

Once the metal back lid is removed you can get access to the sim card slots, the microSD card slot and the battery. Axgio Neon N3 works with normal sim card (first sim slot) and micro sim (second sim slot). We found the first slot to have a terrible placement. Once the card is inserted it’s almost impossible to remove it. Also keep in mind that the sim cards and microSD card are not hot-swappable. You need to remove the battery in order to insert/remove any of them.

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