Axgio Neon N3 vs Elephone G1

We all know that Axgio Neon N3 is a phone with great hardware sold for decent price. We all know that Elephone G1 is the cheapest quad-core smartphone out there. So how big is the difference in terms of performance and everyday tasks ? It looks like David against Goliath, but we decided to check.
First a quick refresh of the specifications:

Axgio Neon N3

Image of white Elephone G1


Display size



Operating system

Main camera



Axgio Neon N3

5-inch HD resolution

64-bit MTK6732 1.5GHz

1GB and 8GB

Android 4.4.4

13MP with Sony sensor



Elephone G1

4.5-inch FWVGA resolution

32-bit MTK6582M 1.3GHz

512MB and 4GB

Android 4.4.2

2MP interpolated to 5MP



So you see, that we have huge differences. We have one extremely budget device and another one, which has some hardware features as a mid-to-high class smartphone. If we put the raw numbers from our benchmarks like Antutu, Quadrant, GFXBench and so on aside, then what we have left is the real life performance. Is a $50 device enough to handle the everyday tasks without throwing you in annoyance, because of its sluggish software ?

We tested some of the main functionalities like opening the settings menu, the camera, the dialer, a game, switching between applications and so on. The results are pretty satisfying. Of course we are talking about Elephone G1 here, because this is the budget device, which we want to compare against one more expensive phone. You should not doubt that Axgio Neon N3 can deliver smooth performance.

We can say that Elephone G1 actually works pretty well and its performance cannot be called ‘budget’ by any means. Of course Neon N3 managed to finish first in most of the tests. Yes, that’s right – most of the tests. Actually Elephone G1 managed to win some of our everyday tasks tests.

Check our video for more details.

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