Battery drains on Android – how to fix it ?

It’s one of the worst situations with your smartphone – your battery drains quickly and you don’t know why. Perhaps every Android user has faced such issue. What is important is to find out what’s the reason. We can give you a few hints what to do, when your smartphone lose battery quickly.

Android battery drains reasons

The battery drains can be related to either software or hardware issue. Let’s check the most common reasons for battery lose:

  • GPS/location constantly turned on
  • application wakes up/works constantly
  • buggy operating system
  • too many applications installed
  • using different usb cable/charger (not a stock one)
  • battery’s cells are dying

THL 5000 Tesla (5000T) battery usageFirst you need to open your smartphone’s Settings and make sure that the location is turned off. It’s useful for some apps, but it’s one of the major reasons for battery issues. Next open the Battery section in the Settings menu. If your smartphone has battery stats, then you can see which applications are the top consumers (if it’s running older Android version and has no stats, then you can download an application to help you – check the battery hints at the bottom). You can uninstall any application, which you don’t use often, but it drains lots of battery according to the stats.

If this doesn’t help, then you can try to turn off your smartphone, remove the battery and turn it on again (or just restart if, if you battery is non-removable). It sounds too naive, but sometimes really helps.

android-settings-cache-battery-drainsYou can also clear all cached data. It’s possible that an application/update is causing a bug, when using the cached data (or just some bug occurred, when your smartphone cached some data). Go to Settings – Storage and clear you device’s cached data (not the cached data for your applications).

So you optimized your applications and you have the location turned off, but the battery still drains quickly ? In that case are you using the original usb cable and charger ? If not, then your smartphone might not be charging properly. It is advised to use the original accessories otherwise you risk damaging the hardware (including the battery). Find/buy original usb cable and charger.

If your issues are not solved until now, then you can try some clean up. An Android smartphone battery tends to lose quickly charge, if you have too many applications installed. Uninstall all applications, which you don’t use. If this doesn’t improve the battery life, then you can try with factory reset (back up your data before that). We all hate to set up our smartphone after a reset, but the factory reset is one of the last things, which can help you against the battery drains.

So you performed a factory reset and you are using original usb cable and charger, but the battery still drains quickly ? In that case perhaps you’ll need to buy a battery replacement, because your battery cells are dying. Unfortunately there’s no way to fix this by yourself.

Tips for better battery life

Here are a few advises we have for getting most of your battery and to avoid battery drains:

  • Make regular checks on your battery consumption stats
  • Use original usb cable and charger
  • Don’t drain your battery until your smartphone turns off
  • It’s best to charge your battery, when its level is about 30%
  • It’s best to charge it up to 80%
  • It’s best to charge it via usb cable and computer (slow charges are healthier)
  • Don’t leave your smartphone plugged in, when it’s already charged at 100%
  • Use automatic brightness or the lowest possible brightness level according to the light conditions (if you smartphone doesn’t have light sensor)
  • Optimize your screen timeout. It’s best to set it to the lowest possible level (check screen timeout in Display’s settings)
  • Don’t use RAM cleaning applications or applications for battery boost. They do more harm, than actually help
  • You can download some additional software for battery monitoring like GSam Battery Monitor and keep an eye on the stats

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