Blackview BV5000 review: entry-level tank

Performance and benchmarks

Blackview BV5000 comes with MediaTek MTK6735P chipset. The chip has become something like today’s standard for a budget Chinese smartphone. The performance doesn’t rock the benchmark charts, neither the middle. It’s an absolutely entry-level device in terms of processor. However Blackview BV5000 is paired with 2GB RAM and Mali-T720 GPU, which give slightly push in the numbers. Talking about the real life, we can say that we are satisfied with what we see. The phone works well, the lags are rare and most of the time you won’t feel like you’re using low-level chipset. The multitasking is well enough thankfully to the 2 gigs of RAM. We are satisfied considering the price range. We ran Antutu, Geekbench 3, Vellamo, Quadrant, GFXBench, Browsermark and Kraken 1.1 benchmarks. You can see the results of the processor, graphics, memory and web browsing speed in the screenshots below.

Blackview BV5000 operating system

Blackview BV5000 comes with Android 5.1 out of the box. It’s not the latest Android (currently it’s 6.0), but as we know the Chinese manufacturers need some time to adapt the latest version with the MTK processors. Blackview has put their logo in the About Phone section, which is something really interesting. The smartphone comes with custom icon pack, so the icons can fit better with such military-like device. Some of them look like mechanical parts, the others are just surrounded by a colorful frame. Actually this is not the first time we’ve seen this icon pack. Doogee Titans2, which was released about 1 year ago, had exactly the same icon pack (and surprisingly the same 260 000 colors display).

This version of the Android operating system is something, which we are used to see in the majority of the Chinese smartphones. The first thing you’ll notice is the absence of app drawer. Blackview BV5000 got rid of it and put all icons on the home screen. The operating system comes with a few additional settings compared to the Vanilla Android. This includes Gesture Motion, Gesture Unlock and Smart Somatosensory. We’ve seen the same with almost all Chinese Android ROMS, but with different names and different setting’s location. Gesture Motion allows you to flip phone to mute it or put it to your ear to turn the speaker off. It also holds our review-favorite three-fingers-screenshot option. Gesture Unlock allow you to draw a letter on the screen (when the screen is off) and this will open the app related to this letter (for example draw C and the camera will open). You can also enable double tap to wake up the phone. Smart Somatosensory allows you to wave your hand in front of the phone and you’ll be able to change the songs, browse the menus or move to the next picture.

Blackview BV5000 offers several different ways for transferring files. You got HotKnot and Xender in addition to the bluetooth. The additional options can be found only in Chinese smartphones, so you won’t be able to transfer files between your BV5000 and your girlfriend’s Samsung with HotKnot for example.

There are 2 annoying things we noticed in the ROM. First, the quick brightness toggle disappears, if you set the brightness to Auto. So if you want to change it manually, then you need to go to the Settings, then Display and turn the Auto mode off. Then you can adjust it manually and the brightness toggle will appear. The second thing is that you can’t dismiss a notification by swiping left-to-right. It’s only possible the other way around – right-to-left. We have no idea why, but this is a common issue (it’s an issue for us) with the Lollipop ROM made for budget Chinese smartphones.

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