Chinese smartphones that you’ve probably never heard of

Without any doubt we are going to see more Chinese smartphones going to the markets around the world. However there are still lots of brands, which we’ve never heard of, just because they are focused mainly (if not only) on the Chinese market. Some of them offer great value for money devices, but unfortunately they are either extremely difficult to be found or working only with Chinese mobile frequencies. We picked up several brands, just to let you know that there’s still more to be discovered regarding the Chinese smartphones.


Image of Amoi A920We can say that Amoi is an old brand and they are in the business for a long time. The company is established more than 30 years ago, but they started making phones in 2002. They’re portfolio includes all kinds of phones – from cheap featured ones to powerful 8-cores devices. You can check Amoi A928W, if you are looking for decent device for reasonable price. It’s a 5-inches phone with 8-cores processor and FHD (1920×1080) display. It comes with 2GB RAM and 32ROM for about $170-180. Not bad.

Amoi official website



Image of Haipai X3SHaipai is another Chinese smartphones manufacturer, which has been around for some time. The company still produces copies of some popular smartphones, which is typical for the Chinese brands, but you can find and their own designed devices as well. Haipai X3S is a flagship phone with 8-cores clocked on 2GHz paired with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM. You don’t find these in a budget device and that’s why Haipai X3S has price around $200 (less for 16GB version).

Haipai official website



Image of Coolpad Halo 7 inchesCoolpad actually is a well-known brand for Chinese smartphones, but mainly in China. The company is found more than 20 years ago. However there’s still a decent chance that you’ve heard about them, because they partnered with Orange and Vodafone in some countries. We want to point out their Halo series. Coolpad Halo is a 7-inches smartphone (yes, it’s not classified as tablet), which packs 8-cores and FHD resolution. The phone has 2GB RAM and only 8GB ROM (expandable). It packs premium hardware features, but as you can see it’s not the first choice for most of the people considering the size of the device. Luckily there’s Halo F1, which is almost the same, but with more compact size – only 5 inches.

Coolpad official website



Image of Koobee H3Never heard of Koobee ? Probably your answer is yes. It’s a relatively new company, founded about 5 years ago. However their portfolio is not so short and you can find even some premium devices there. The company is trying to offer up-to-date hardware and not only device with good-on-paper specification. The newly released Koobee H3 has 64-bits quad-core MT6732 with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM. The handset is equipped with Sony’s front and back cameras. However you have to pay more, when you want to get more. The phone is listed for about $300.

Koobee official website



Image of UHappy UP620The last brand we want to show is the one with the most interesting name. It’s Uhappy. It’s a relatively new company and it’s still trying to find its way. There are just a few devices, but everyone has its own style and packs interesting features. We can’t notice a device to call a flagship, but we are pleased to see that they have a smartphone with metal frame like UP620. The phone itself is not a top dog, but at least pack 8-core processor.

UHappy official website


Of course there are other brands that you probably never heard of, offering good devices for great price. Probably there’s even some that we’ve never heard. Drop us a line and let us know, which not-so-famous Chinese smartphones we missed.

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