Cicret bracelet – Cool, cooler, coolest, Cicret bracelet ?


So what is the Cicret bracelet ? When we find something interesting on the web we immediately want to share it. Today we were attracted by one future cool-looking gadget – a bracelet. The gadget looks like a cool James-Bond-movie gizmo and is quite impressive. It gives you the ability to control your phone by just by moving your finger over your hand. The bracelet will project your phone’s screen on your forearm and you will be able to interact with it as an ordinary touchscreen. Actually your forearm will become the touchscreen. So no need to pick up your phone from the pocket anymore.

However there’s still not much information about the bracelet itself. Although it has some cool videos, there’s lack of more details like – how long will such bracelet last with a single charge, what will be the impact over the smartphones battery life, will it be water-proof and so on. We hadn’t contacted any of Cicret crew yet and probably will do that soon, so we can provide you with more details.

There’s still no working prototype and Cicret are looking to raise 700 000 euros to build the first one. It will be interesting to see it, if the manage to gather enough funding. There’s still no pricing information of the future models.

You can check the video and get familiar with the idea.

Source CicreBracelet

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