Doogee puts their smartphones through tough tests

Doogee – one of the new born Chinese companies – is trying to create their own unique smartphone portfolio. Started like a clones producer, now the manufacturer puts some serious efforts to build a good reputation. There are some promising devices in the new 2015 line and we are looking forward for their release (some of them are already released). Doogee has released several videos regarding the production process of several devices. One part of the production process is the testing. Doogee has dedicated department, which puts the smartphones through different every day situation. They test how will the body of the device wear, what the effect after minor drop, or by everyday pocket pressure, how do the keys wear and many pressure they can take and so on. The video is released through the official Doogee channel and it’s about half an year ago.

Another curious video is testing the toughness of Doogee Titans 2 (DG700). The device itself is created with just one purpose – to be indestructible. Although we haven’t tested the phone yet, its specifications are promising. It’s water, dust and shockproof. The smartphone has metal frame and leather back, which give an unique design. However the guys at Doogee performed really simple test to check the hardness of the Titans 2 screen. They just used the smartphone to crack some chestnuts. So if you have Doogee Titans 2 and you happen to have no chestnut cracker nearby, but you are in a urgent need to crack some chestnuts, then you should not worry. Titans 2 is good enough to do the job without any consequences for the device. Check how to crack chestnuts like a boss in the video below.

And lastly some water damage test again to Doogee DG700 a.k.a. Titans 2. It’s IP67 certified, just like Samsung Galaxy S5. This means that the phone can stay in 1 meter water for up to 1 hour and 30 minutes. Check the next video by Doogee.

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