Drop test Olympics: Searching for toughest phone

If you have a smartphone, then there is a big chance that you had dropped it at least once. It happens to all of us. That scary moment, when you see it flying to the ground and you can’t do anything, but just pray not to shatter. However the phone’s durability is not one of the criteria, when one is buying a new device. Despite of that we see harder-to-break devices every year and hopefully we will come to a moment, when dropping your smartphone will not be a big deal. We picked up a few videos, so you don’t need to check how tough you phone is. Don’t try this at home.

The first drop test is for iPhone 6 and his big brother iPhone 6 plus. In general both devices were still functional despite of the cracked screen at the finish. However it seems that the bigger you are, the harder you fall. iPhone 6 plus got cracked screen after the side drop, which actually is not considered as extremely dangerous drop by most of the smartphones (we can say that cracked screen is a ‘lethal’ damage). Anyway, have fun and check the video.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha is Sammy’s response to the new iPhone. The metal frame 4.7-inch smartphone is equipped with Gorilla Glass 4 and is ready for battle. Actually he performed pretty well on the drop test. It seems that Gorilla Glass 4 is not indestructible, but managed to minimize the damage. Hopefully the fifth Gorilla Glass generation will be though enough to let you drop your phone with confidence.

Remember, when we said the bigger they are, the harder they fall ? Well let’s check some of the big guys. The compact in terms of screen to body ratio LG G3 is a big guy with its 5.5-inch display. Do you think it can survive face drop test ?

Coming next is the newest Nexus member. Nexus 6 is definitely a big phone for most of the folks out there. Will it perform worse, than LG G3 considering the bigger size or maybe it will get some support thanks to the thicker bezels compared to the Korean smartphone. Thankfully you can just watch the drop test to see the result, no need to test your phone.

What would be a drop test competition without Nokia, right ? Actually Lumia 920 doesn’t care, if you will drop it. This test is too easy for this handset, so we are moving straight to a destruction test (by the way there’s a link to the drop test in the video). How much does it take to shatter the screen of Lumia 920 ? More than you think…

And finally the absolutely legend  – Nokia 3310. No matter how you drop it, it still remains absolutely functional. But what, if you hit it with a sledgehammer ? Will it survive or perhaps the universe will just explode ?

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