Elephone P5000 – the smartphone with the biggest battery is behind the corner

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The Chinese manufacturer Elephone announced one of its new smartphones – Elephone P5000. What is really impressive is the size of the battery, which is 5350mAh. The battery is outstanding compared to most of the smartphones and promises to provide about 4 days of intensive use on a single charge. This is going to be the phone with the biggest battery size, when it is officially released. The current king is The Philips W6618, which packs 5300mAh battery. Although the difference between both is just 5mAh, Elephone P5000 is better device in all other aspects.

Elephone P5000 will be less than 10mm thick, which is impressive for such kind of smartphone. The display will be FHD 1920×1080 with 440ppi, which is on par with most of the flagmen today (although some phones spot QHD resolution). However still no word of the exact type of display’s technology, which will be used.

Elephone P5000 will be powered by MT6592 1.7 GHz Octa core cpu and will be supported by 2GB RAM. The memory will be 16GB ROM and you will be able to add up to 64GB via the microSD card slot .

The phone will be paired with 8MP front shooter and 16MP back one. Additionally you’ll find a fingerprint scanner at the front side of the phone.

But let’s get back to the main advantage of Elephone P5000 – the enormous battery. Probably some of you are already thinking how long will it take to charge a phone with such a gigantic power bank. Well thankfully the manufacturer thought of the same. The phone will spot Quick Charge technology and one really powerful 2.5A charger. According to Elephone’s website, Elephone P5000 will be able charged to 70% within just 1 hour. It this turns true, then you should not worry about waiting half a day for charging your phone. At the same time the phone can serve as power bank and charge other phones. So you can always help your friends in need, when their smartphones run out of charge and they are not able to upload more pictures on Instagram.

Elephone P5000 should be announced next month (January 2015) and hopefully we will see more details about the price soon.

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