Find5 gets updated to ColorOS 2.0

Image of Oppo5 regarding ColorOS 2.0 updateOppo Find5 is receiving a KitKat based update to ColorOS 2.0. The handset, which is almost 2 years old (it was released in February 2013) can finally enjoy some software improvements. Although this may not sound so impressive since the phones nowadays are looking for Android Lollipop 5.0 update, the news are still good for all the Oppo fans out there, who use Find5.

What is interesting in the announcement is that the firmware version is developed by external engineers. This means that Oppo hired another company to develop the update for Find5. Maybe that’s the main reason behind the remaining bugs. The update is now seeding, however keep in mind that you may encounter issue with some of the phone’s functionality. Currently there are 3 known issues. First it is said that the NFC is not working at all. So you should forget sending and receiving files with NFC for a while (at least until Oppo releases a fix). The second know issue is that the off-screen gestures are not working and the third one, which is kind of strange and we are not sure, if this is an issue at all or just some development mistake, is that there’s no ColorOS stock camera application. So once you update your Find5 you’ll need to head up to some Android market and download a camera application.

The update file is relatively big  – 746mb, so you should be patient with the installation process.

The update itself was released about an hour ago, so we are yet to see how stable it is and what other issue may occur with Find5. By the present moment there’s an open thread at Oppo’s official forum (check the source link at the bottom) and the users doesn’t respond very positive to the new update. Some of them are not able to install it at all. We’ll see, if Oppo will take care and fix the known issue as soon as possible.

Source OppoForums

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