Google Play wants to show you the best stuff for 2014

Image of Google Play store iconGoogle has created a section in the Play Store called “Best of 2014”, which contains the best apps, games, music, movies, books, and magazines from 2014, which were chosen by the Google Play’s editors. You can check, if you missed any of this year’s top titles.

“The best games” section has some serious titles in terms of beautiful graphics and unique gameplay. At the same time there are some questionable games (as per our opinion), but probably Google just tried to cover as many categories as possible. Not all of us like Kim Kardashian’s game, but maybe for someone this is the best game ever.

Probably everybody has it’s own list, so we’ll not mind, if you share it in the comment section at the bottom. We’ll prepare our own list with the things we liked and used most, so stay tuned.

We personally have used some of the best apps and games according to Google Play and they really deserve this nomination. Of course the best is not always ‘free’, but some of the apps and games can be downloaded as they are with in-app purchases (you can buy extra features or content). So you can safely check, if you like it and purchase extra content (of course there’s the Google Play money back time window).

However keep in mind that the section with “Best of 2014” is not yet visible in all countries, so it’s possible that you’ll not be able to see it at our device. At the same time some of the sections may not be visible at all for some users, because Google doesn’t provide it’s full services in all countries (for example the movies, the books or the music may be missing).

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