How to check if smartphone’s sensors work(Android only)

Most of the Android smartphones have lots of different sensors, which serve for several purposes. Some of them measure motion, other orientation or various environmental conditions. The sensors provide data, which is with high precision and it’s very accurate. This data can be used for lots of different applications – it can help to determine device’s position and orientation in the three-dimensional space, detect a movement or calculate distance. Let us give you an example. Most of the race games use the gravity sensor in order to detect how the user tilt/turn the device and this reflects on your vehicle movement.

Android operating system can currently support three different types of sensors (not only three, but three types) – motion, position and environmental.  The motion sensors group includes rotational vector sensors, gyroscopes, gravity sensors and accelerometers. The position sensors are orientation sensors and magnetometers. The environmental sensors are barometers, photometers, and thermometers. Your Android smartphone can be equipped with all or just a few of these sensors.

In some cases, you probably thought that a sensor on your phone is not working correctly. This may be related to a hardware issue, operating system bug or just a buggy application. There’s an easy way to test, if it works correctly.

Find out, which sensors your smartphone supports

CPU-Z_SensorsYou can head up to the Google Play store and look for an application called CPU-Z (link to Google Play). It’s light, simple and will give you the information you need. You can open it after the installation and slide a little bit to the left until you reach the Sensors section. You can see all sensors, which your smartphone is equipped with. You can also see the exact data, which each of the sensors is currently providing to your device. You can tilt your device or cover the top of your smartphone (where the sensors are usually located) with a hand. If the numbers are changing, then everything works fine.

Check the sensors the fun way

Some people like numbers, but others don’t. There’s another application, which offers you to test your Android smartphone sensors in a fun way. It’s called Sensor Box. You can download it from Google Play as well (link to Google Play). Once you open it, you’ll see which are the available sensors on your device (the ones marked with red crossed circle are not). You can test each of them through a short game/animation. It’s a way more fun, than the raw numbers, isn’t it ?

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