iPhone 6 clones ? Not as bad as you think

The Chinese manufacturers are famous for one thing – creating clones of popular items. Apple products, iPhone especially, are probably the ones with most Chinese twins. iPhone 6 was not spared. The clones appeared even before the official phone announcement and we still see new ones coming up. Here, at PhonesAbout, we are not big fans of the clone phones and we are not trying to popularize them, but maybe Apple can learn something as well. Check some of them in this article.

Dakele Big Cola 3

Image od Dakele Big Cola 3The name itself definitely attracts attention. Behind the complicate combination of words we see 5-inch Full HD smartphone leading the army of iPhone 6 clones. The size is different from the Apple’s devices, but the exterior cannot be misled. Dakele Big Cola 3 proofs, that being a clone phone doesn’t mean that you are only competitive from the outside. The phone has something, which Apple didn’t manage to offer us – sapphire glass on the front panel. Under the hood we have eight-core 64-bits MTK6752 clocked at 1.7 GHz. Mali-T760 GPU takes care of the graphics. There’s 16 GB space of internal storage, 3 GB of RAM memory and a microSD card slot for expanding the memory with whooping up to 128 GB. You also get 13MP back and 8MP front cameras both with Sony sensors. The phone is only 7.25 mm thick and it packs 2500mAh. It can be yours for about $240. Do you still prefer iPhone ?

Elephone G7

Picture of Elephone G7One iPhone 6 plus clone recently released by Elephone. It’s Elephone G7, which comes with 5.5-inch HD display and eight-core MediaTek MT6592M. The GPU is Mali-450mp. There’s only 1GB ram and 8GB rom (luckily with microSD card slot). Of course there are two cameras – front and back – with 13MP and 8MP respectively. The phone is equipped with 2650mAh battery and it’s running Android 4.4.2. The design of the phone is pretty impressive. Actually is our personal favorite among the iPhone 6 clones. It has metal frame and it’s only 5.55mm thick (the same thickness as the thinnest phone in the world about two months ago). Probably there’s one question rising in your head right now – will it bend ? We hope that Elephone took measures and will not start the next bend it trend. As you can see the phone will not impress you much with it’s specifications, but its beautiful and you can get it for less than $140.

SoPhone i6

Image of SoPhone 6This phone was announced shortly after iPhone 6 arrival. SoPhone i6 is trying to mimic the 4.7-inch iPhone. Its specifications are mixture of pros and cons. As we said the display is 4.7 inches with disappointing qHD resolution. The in-build memory is 4GB, but there’s a microSD card slot. At the same you get as much as 2GB ram, which is something pretty unusual for qHD device with 4GB internal memory. The back camera is 13MP and the front one is 5MP. SoPhone i6 is running on Android 4.3 with, what a surprise, Apple iOS skin. Its price was originally $140, now it can be found for $20 cheaper.

GooPhone i6

Here we are, finally we are talking about the guys at GooPhone. For those of you, who are familiar with the Chinese smartphones market, then you know that GooPhone is one of the greatest (maybe better to say biggest) clone manufacturers. If there’s a smartphone and it’s a famous one, then check for a clone phone by GooPhone. As you can imagine GooPhone i6 has 4.7-inches display and it’s with HD resolution. It’s powered by quad core 1.3 GHz processor and has 1GB ram. Image of GooPhone i6There are 3 different versions with 8/16/32GB internal memory, which is extendable with microSD card. There’s 13MP back camera and 5MP front camera. The battery is 2800mAh. It’s really interesting that (at least according to GooPhone) their phone has absolutely the same measures as iPhone 6 – 138.1 x 67 x 6.9 mm and weights 129gr. How did they manage with this battery ? This is what a true clone masters like GooPhone are capable of. There’s a GooPhone i6 Plus version, which surprisingly has 5.5-inch screen instead. All other specifications remain the same. The only difference between the real iPhone 6 plus and the clone is that the clone weights 20gr more. The price is about $170 for the 4.7-inch one and $190 for the bigger twin.


Image of ZTE Q7Probably we are ready to point at every phone released recently with circle navigation key as one of the iPhone 6 clones. ZTE Q7 is not a brutal iPhone rip off, but it still brings some of the Cupertino’s taste. The phone is not even officially released, but we can see, where ZTE took their inspiration from. It’s 5.5-inch handset with HD resolution, which is a way behind the FHD at iPhone 6 plus. ZTE tried to reach the same proportions of the body – 157 x 78 x 7.9 mm vs. 158 x 77.8 x 7.1 mm. There’s Android KitKat on the board and te phone is powered by octa-core 1.5 GHz MediaTek processor. There’s 16GB expandable storage and 2GB ram. The 2 cameras are 8MP and 5MP. We are still waiting for the official ZTE Q7 announcement.

Lenovo S90 Sisley

Image of Lenovo S90 SisleyAnd more iPhone 6 clones from an unexpected manufacturer. It’s a little bit disappointing to see such big manufacturer as Lenovo trying to gain some credit on the iPhone 6 design. There’s no circle button at the front side, but moving to the back and you see an iPhone look-alike back panel. The shape of the phone itself reminds of iPhone as well. What else this phone could offer ? It has 5-inch Super AMOLED HD display and a quad-core 64-bits Snapdragon clocked at 1.2GHz. It’s not the fiercest machine with Adreno 306 on board. It has 1GB ram and 16GB non-expandable storage. There are two cameras both with flashlight – 13MP on the back and 8MP on the front side. The phone is powered by 2300mAh battery and is running Android KitKat 4.4.4.

So, which of the iPhone 6 clone do you like at most ?

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