Kolina K100+ – impressive specs for sub $180

Image of Kolina 100+ front and backKolina probably is a brand you’ve never heard before. Don’t worry about that, we hadn’t heard about it as well until a few weeks ago. Actually we tried to find more information about the company and the brand itself, but with no success. Despite of the lack of information Kolina has one impressive device on the market – Kolina K100+. It packs the usual Chinese flagship’s specifications, but it comes for a bargain price.

Kolina K100+ is a phablet with 5.5 inches FHD screen (1920×1080) screen, which gives the phone about 400ppi. It’s a nice pixel intensity even for phablet size phone. However we can’t additional info about the display type or if there’s any protection glass at the top.

Kolina K100+ is equipped with powerful processor by the Taiwanese MTK. The has eight core┬áMTK6592, which is clocked at 2.0GHz. It should be enough to run everything you throw, however it really depends on the software optimization. It’s hard to believe, but a not optimized operating system can ruin even the modest chipset. Talking about operating system , Kolina K100+ is running Android 4.2. It’s quite disappointing for a newly released phone and considering the lack of any additional information about phone, it’s highly possible that it won’t be update even to KitKat (maybe not even to 4.3). However 4.2 Jelly Bean is not too bad and you can make a compromise.

The storage is generous and it offers 32GB. There’s no microSD card slot, but 32GB should be sufficient. 2GB RAM will serve for multitasking and it is enough, so the phone will not run out of RAM memory.

Image of Kolina K100+ laying on tableThere are 2 cameras – 13MP back one and 5MP front one. There is 3200mAh battery, so you won’t run out of power so easy.

The build looks plastic, but it cost about between $170-$180, so you can’t expect to receive premium device in all aspects.

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