Lenovo P780 – some numbers about this popular phone

Image of Lenovo P780Without any doubt Lenovo P780 is one of the most popular Chinese phones out there. Although the handset is released back in 2013, one impressive feature made this phone worldwide famous – its big 4000mAh battery. The phone is a year and a half old and continues to impress thanks to its many fans and custom roms.

We decided to publish some numbers, just to place Lenovo P780 among the other phones. Keep in mind that our phone is a brand new one running with stock Android 4.2.1 ROW rom. No custom rom is loaded and the results represent what you will get with a brand new phone out of the box.

Lenovo P780 Antutu

Of course we start with the most popular benchmark out there – Antutu. The result is nothing impressive. Lenovo P780 score more than 15000, which means that the phone is on par with Samsung Galaxy S3. Of course this result could be improved with software updates (we didn’t install any) or custom rom.

Lenovo P780 Geekbench 3

Then we threw the phone at Geekbench 3, so we can measure the single and multi core performance. The single core performance is similar to Moto G (2013) and really close to some other much more expensive devices like Huawei’s 2013 flagship Ascend P6. Comparing the multi core performance, again we can say, that Lenovo P780 is performing similar to Moto G. Another interesting device in the same score range is Nexus 7.

Lenovo P780 Basemark II

Lenovo P780 Basemark II resultsThe results of Lenovo P780 with Basemark II are very interesting. The System and the Memory tests have decent results and put again the device among the other handsets we already mentioned. The processor and the RAM memory work well enough according to the benchmark’s results. However, when looking at the Graphics and the Web tests, we see that the score is terrible. Lenovo P780 scored low results in Basemark II regarding the Graphics and the Web tests and because of that the handset received low overall score. Actually the results for these two tests are so low, that we didn’t manage to find and other smartphone with such score. It’s possible that the tests are not well optimized for phones with MTK processors, because our real life experience with Lenovo P780 doesn’t put it at the bottom of any chart.

Lenovo P780 GFXBench GL 3

Image of Lenovo P780 GFXBench T-Rex resultsWe continued to examine the graphics performance with GFXBench. The results there are not, so good as well. Lenovo P780 pants with detailed video streaming. It managed to score only 4.5 frames per second on T-Rex, which is pretty low. However this doesn’t mean that the device can run high-definition videos. This result measures the GPU performance. Although the score is pretty low we don’t find ourselves in 4.5 fps situation, when playing games with the handset. You’ll have no problems with most of the popular games out there, if they are not extremely graphics intensive.

Lenovo P780 Vellamo benchmarks

One more benchmark measuring the single and multi core performance is Vellamo. Again, just for confirmation, the handset is almost on par with Galaxy S3 and Moto G, which is a decent result. We measured the browser performance as well and this time the gap between Lenovo P780 and the other smartphones around is more noticeable. Check the results below

Lenovo P780 browser performance

As we saw from the previous tests, Lenovo P780 doesn’t perform so well in terms of browsing (at least according to the benchmarks). We tried two more tests – Kraken and Browsermark. Browsermark 2 gave an average to low score, however Kraken showed pretty good result (for example even better than Nexus 5). As you can see the results are a little bit controversial, so it seems that it’s difficult to measure phone’s performance just with numbers.

Lenovo P780 battery test

Image of Lenovo P780 battery testWe ran a looping script, which required the phone to render the same scene for about half an hour and measured the impact on the battery. This is where the real power of Lenovo P780 is. According to the results the phone is capable of doing this for 1117 minutes, which is almost 20 hours. Just keep in mind that the test is performed with phone’s screen on and the GPU is rendering scenes intensively. It’s difficult for any other smartphone to keep almost 20 hours on-screen time and this is what this handset is all about.


Lenovo P780 is a mid range device with unique battery support. Although some of the tests we made didn’t show good results, we can say that we didn’t experienced troubles while operating with the phone. The benchmarks are good for comparing different devices, but they are not always accurate, optimized for all devices and don’t represent the actual performance during the everyday usage. We can say that Lenovo P780 did pretty well considering that this phone is with its stock Android version without a single update. Be sure that loading a side rom or updating the phone will lead to different (probably better) benchmark’s results. We are pleased with what we saw and how the phone performed. And we are most pleased with the incredible battery the device has.

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