Lumia 535 ultra sensitive touch screen get fixed

Lumia 535 received an update, which is supposed to fix the ultra-sensitivity of the phone’s touchscreen. As even confirmed earlier by Microsoft, Lumia 535 really did had issues with its touchscreen. The bug lead to inaccurate track of swipe gestures or detecting touch on neighbor elements. Check the video, which show how exactly Lumia 535 worked before the fix.

Now, according to Microsoft, the new update (RM-1089) should fix this issue and improve the user experience. However there’s a catch, because the official announcement says that the update is rolling out in selected countries. So stay tuned, if you haven’t received the update yet. Hopefully Microsoft will release the update for all countries later.

It’s said that also the new Lumia 535 update will bring other improvements and functionality. Except the touchscreen fix, Cortana will land at more markets. A mobile data toggle will be finally added to the action center and now the users will be able to turn it on/off easier. Other feature, which will be available, is a schedule for updates. This means that every user will be able to schedule the upcoming updates for a time that works best for them. And lastly it’s said that the update should bring stability and performance improvements.

You can follow the source link and check, if the update is available in your country.

Source Microsoft

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