Meizu MX5 vs Meizu MX4 comparison. Worth upgrading ?

meizu_mx5Meizu is definitely moving in the right way with the new devices, which they offered in 2015. If we turn back and look 2 years ago, we’ll see that the company used to offer only one premium device each year. Now they have the M, M Note and MX lines and we have to be honest and say that all of them are one of the best devices in their price range. The new member of the family Meizu MX5 is not only trying to offer beast-specs, but is trying to do that for half of the price, which we are used to see on a flagship device. Of course one of the questions, which we are asking is how good Meizu MX5 is compared to its predecessor Meizu MX4?

Meizu MX5 vs Meizu MX4 specifications comparison

Meizu MX5 vs Meizu MX4 comparison – display

The first thing, which is obvious, is that Meizu MX5 is bigger than Meizu MX4. It comes with 5.5-inch display compared to the 5.2-inch IPS screen on the MX4. The display itself is also different, because it’s a Super AMOLED, the same which Samsung uses for all its flagship devices. The bigger size of the screen leads to lower pixel density in Meizu MX5 – 408 ppi. It’s still good considering the FHD resolution, but it’s a little bit lower to what MX4 offers (418 ppi).

Meizu-MX5-366Meizu MX5 vs Meizu MX4 comparison – processor, GPU and memory

The new Meizu’s flagship device is equipped with a high-performing Mediatek MT6795 also known as Helio X10. The processor has eight cores, each of them clocked at 2.2 GHz. It’s also benefits from its 64-bit architecture, which is used since Android 5.0. At the same time MX4 can offer MediaTek MT6595, which has four cores at 2.2 GHz and four at 1.7 GHz. However MT6595 is a 32-bit processor and can’t compete with the new 64-bit generation. Both units are paired with the same GPU – PowerVR G6200 MP4, so we can expect minimum-to-none increase in the graphics performance.

Meizu MX4 has 2 GB of RAM memory, while the new MX5 has 3 GB. It’s 1 GB less than the nowadays flagship standards, but we don’t think that it will have any effect on the performance and it’s more than enough for every user. The on-board storage remains unchanged. There are 3 versions – 16, 32 and 64 GB. There’s no slot for microSD card.

meizu-mx5-back-frontMeizu MX5 vs Meizu MX4 comparison – design and camera

We have the same 20.7 camera unit on board. It’s said that the Meizu MX5 camera unit is improved compared to MX4 and it also comes with laser autofocus. There’s a significant improvement with the front camera unit – 5 MP compared to 2 MP in MX4.

Meizu MX5 has a metal body with an interesting design, because you don’t see screws on a smartphone every day. It’s also thinner and has almost the same weight as MX4 although it has bigger display

Meizu MX5 vs Meizu MX4 comparison – conclusion

Meizu MX5 is definitely an improvement. It has better processor, more RAM, beautiful design, improved camera with laser focus and it won’t cost more than the its predecessor. The price is extremely competitive and you won’t find such a great smartphone made by a reliable manufacturer in this price range. You can take a look for the price at GearBest, where you can also receive $50 worth coupons, when you sign up.

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