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OnePlus One use another interesting promotion of their own. They already had some interesting competitions in the past. The most famous of them was for people who want to get a brand new OnePlus One phone, however they were required to smash their old phone and record it as an evidence. Several lucky people were chosen to get a brand new OnePlus One. The idea is good, but it was not possible to destroy just any phone. There was a list of “permitted phones” that are allowed to be broken in order to participate in the contest. Unfortunately almost all of the phones were the latest and most expensive models. There are not many people who will break Galaxy S5 or HTC M8 for a new OnePlus One.

Anyway, now OnePlus One decided just to give some small gifts without requirements for breaking your phone or something like that. For each of the next seven days there will be various gadgets, apps and accessories given from technology partners.

The first reward was given yesterday and it was free FlowHome launcher. To be honest, we can say that we are not aware and we have not tried the launcher. It is still a beta version and so far we see that is free on Google Play. The guys at OnePlus had a special promotion code for unlimited access to the FlowHome launcher, but we really can not see what’s the point. The launcher is free to use and it has no in-app purchases. Maybe there will be some when the alpha version is ready, but at the moment we can not see what was the exact deal for using the OnePlus bonus code.

Today they are giving free back skin for OnePlus One and the opportunity to win a free One. Check the source link for more details.

Keep an eye on the OnePlus One forum, because new giveaway will be announced there every day.

Source OnePlus One Forum

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