Screen-to-body ratio calculator for smartphone/tablet

Screen-to-body ratio is really important part of smartphone/tablet’s specifications. The value determines how compact is the device compared to other devices with the same display size. If we have to use other words – how big the bezels are. Better screen-to-body ratio means less bezels. There’s significant difference between devices with the same screen size. Let us give you an example. Let’s take the original Moto X and HTC One M7. Both smartphones have display with size 4.7 inches. However Moto X is significantly smaller. Here are the dimensions – Moto X (129.3 mm x 65.3 mm x 10.4 mm) and HTC One M7(137.4 mm x 68.2 mm x 9.3 mm). You can spot, which one is more compact, do you ? Here are the screen-to-body ratios – Moto X(72.1%) and HTC One M7(65%). Seven percents means a lot in the smartphone world.

Once you got the idea behind the screen-to-body ratio, then we can show you how to calculate it. You need several numbers – the resolution ratio, screen diagonal (in mm), width and height. Not everybody out there loves math, but there’s no way to calculate the ratio without using some math. You can easy get your phone’s width and height, but you need to calculate the resolution ratio and the screen diagonal.

The resolution ratio is easily calculated, when you divide your display’s pixels height by width. For example, if your smartphone has FHD resolution, then it’s 1920 divided to 1080 (1920/1080). The resolution ratio for a full HD display is 1.78 (rounded).

Next is the screen diagonal in millimeters. You just need to multiply your display diagonal by 25.4 (one inch has 25.4 millimeters). For a 5-inch display this gives us 127.

And finally here’s the formula for screen-to-body ration –  resolution ratio * (screen diagonal ^2)/((resolution ratio^2 +1) * width * height). You can do the math with a simple calculator and you’ll find out your smartphone’s screen-to-body ratio.

If you feel too lazy to do all this calculations, then just try our super simple screen-to-body ratio calculator we made

Screen-to-body ratio calculator

Your phone’s resolution (e.g. 1920 x 1080 ) x
Your phone’s screen size in inches (e.g. 5.5 )
Your phone’s height in mm (e.g. 143.2 )
Your phone’s width in mm (e.g. 68.4 )

Screen-to-body ratio

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