Smart key review: cheap upgrade

Smart Key packageThe smart key is an interesting and simple feature, which can add more functionalities to your smartphone. It’s like an additional programmable button, so you can use it for lots of purposes. There are also some smartphones, which offer such feature out of the box (like Doogee Titans2). We will explain you more about our experience with the smart key. You can also check our video review.

Smart Key Application

First you need to install the smart key’s application on your phone. Be sure that every smart key has its own application, no matter what’s the brand of the key. Usually the application itself is not located within the Google Play store, so you need to prepare a QR barcode scanner (you can download one from Google Play). Scan the code using the scanner and open the webpage. Once the application is downloaded you’ll need to go to your Security settings and allow¬†the installation from unknown sources. Otherwise you won’t be able to install the .apk file of the smart key application.

There’s something, which you should know. Every time, when you insert your smart key or headset, you will be asked, which one exactly did you insert. The operating system won’t make a difference and you need to tell it manually what’s the hardware you inserted.

Smart Key Functionalities

Once you have the application installed, then you just need to insert the smart key in the 3.5 mm audio jack. Then you can open the application and configure it the way you wish. Our smart key (it’s called iKey) has several functions – single click, double click, triple click and long press. We can’t say that it works perfectly. We tried it on several smartphones and we didn’t get all of the available click combinations working. For example the double click doesn’t work on some phones, but it works with others. The long press didn’t work correctly on any of the devices we tested. But we can say that it’s still acceptable, because for about a dollar you can additional functional key on your smartphone. It’s a really cheap technology and it gives you lots of options.

You have plenty of options to choose from. You can activate the camera, take a picture, wake up the phone, activate certain application and so on.

Smart Key Android Compability

The smart key we tested (the iKey) is said to work with Android 4.0 and above. We personally tested it with Android 4.4.2, 4.4.4 and 5.0.1 (we don’t have a smartphone with earlier Android version).

We purchased our iKey from and it’s currently available for just $0.99. You can check it here – FocalPrice Cellphone & Tablet Accessories

Here’s our video review

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