THL 5000 Tesla review: more is never enough

If there’s one thing, which THL is famous for, that would their big battery smartphones. THL smartphones family offers several devices with huge battery capacity, which can impress everybody. THL 5000 Tesla (or THL 5000T) is the newest member. It’s a cheaper version of the popular THL 5000 – the first smartphone with 5000 mAh battery. Now, one more time THL shows us, that the company is one of the leading manufacturers as regards big battery smartphones. Let’s check more details about their new toy – THL 5000 Tesla.

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THL 5000 Tesla (5000T) Specifications

THL 5000 Tesla

Octa-Core MTK6592M 1.4GHz processor

Android 4.4.2

RAM 1GB+ROM 8GB+microSD card slot

HD 5″ multi-point capacitive IPS touch screen with 1280*720 pixels resolution

5.0 MP front camera and 13 MP rear camera with Samsung sensor

2G: GSM 850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz 3G: WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100MHz

Design and build quality

THL 5000 Tesla is a solid 5-ich smartphone. It measures 147.7 mm x 72.9 mm x 9.5mm and weighs 183 gr. It’s a little bit bigger compared to other 5-inch smartphones and definitely weighs a lot more. However don’t forget, that the phone packs enormous 5000mAh battery. Of course we must compare the phone with its bigger brother – THL 5000. It has the following measures 144.9 mm x 72.3 mm x 8.9mm and weighs 20 grams less. So it’s obvious, that THL didn’t do their best with THL 5000 Tesla and probably they went for some simpler building technology. Of course you can’t expect that 2 phones with $100 price difference can have the same design.

THL 5000 Tesla is surrounded by a thick frame, which looks like metal. However it’s not. It’s just plastic. There’s another tiny frame next to the plastic one, which is actually metal.

The power and volume buttons are placed both on the right side. They come out of the plastic frame, but both buttons are metal. We found them to be stable, however the power button is just a little bit loose. The placement is convenient unless you are in a call and you want to increase/decrease the volume. There’s nothing on the left side since all buttons are placed on the right side. On the top you’ll find two holes – one micro usb port and one 3.5mm audio jack. There’s a tiny hole on the bottom frame for the microphone. There’s no second noise reduction microphone with THL 5000 Tesla.

The front side of the phone has some pretty big top and bottom bezels. You’ll find the capacitive navigation buttons just under the screen. You can guess, that there’s no back light for the buttons. We thought so as well, but we were wrong. We noticed that there’s a light for the buttons after a few days. The light is weak, but it’s there. The speakerphone is at the top middle. The front camera is placed a little bit on the right. You can see an ambient light placed just between them. It blinks, if you have any notifications, missed calls or messages. It stays solid red, while the phone is charging.

The back of the phone is made of some really strange material. It feels nice in the hand and it’s absolutely not slippery. However it looks really strange and we’ve never seen such material used with a smartphone before. It looks like a part, which is taken from a different device. It doesn’t fit much with THL 5000 Tesla’s overall appearance. But anyway, as we said it’s not slippery and it’s scratch resistant as well. The 13 MP camera is placed on the very top of the back and the flashlight is standing at the right. There’s a shiny THL logo just a little bit below. Perhaps it’s made of some reflective plastic material. You can see the THL’s slogan at the bottom and the speaker underneath.

Removing the back lid will give you an access to the sim card slots and the microSD card slot. Unfortunately the battery is not removable and you can’t replace it by yourself. You receive as a consolation hot swappable sim cards and microSD card. Just keep in mind that one of the cards is a mini sim (known also as normal sim) and the other one is a micro sim card. You can use mobile 3G internet with the second sim as well (the micro one).

As we said at the beginning of the design review – THL 5000 Tesla is a solid smartphone. The build quality is great. The back lid looks strange, but it’s definitely made for purpose. It’s anti-slippery and scratch resistant. We love 5-inch smartphones, but keep in mind that THL 5000 Tesla is a little bit heavy and bigger, than the average device with the same display size.

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