THL 5000 Tesla review: more is never enough

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THL 5000 Tesla is equipped with 5-inch high-definition display. The resolution is 720 x 1280 and this leads to 293 ppi. It’s a decent score, so you can enjoy good video quality.

THL claims that THL 5000 Tesla has 72% screen-to-body ratio, which is pretty good. However this is not true at all. We’ll give you an example with another phone, which is one of the most compact 5-inch smartphones – Nexus 5. The phone measures 137.9 mm x 69.2 mm x 8.6 mm. Its screen-to-body is a little bit less than 71%. So it’s not possible, that a smartphone like THL 5000 Tesla, which is obviously bigger, to spot better ratio. We made some calculations and the actual screen to body ratio is just a little bit less than 64%. This is obviously not even close to 72%.

The display is an IPS LED one, so you can expect decent viewing angles. We found just one issue with the viewing angles of THL 5000 Tesla. They are really great, there’s no doubt here. However the gray color representation is not so good, if you try to see it from different angles. We didn’t notice this issue with any other color. Only the gray-scale colors get washed with changing the angles.

The colors look good and the maximum brightness has good levels. You will not have much trouble using the phone outside. The minimum brightness level is higher than the comfortable one for the eyes. The automatic brightness setting tends to use higher levels, than appropriate.

The display has up 5 multi-touch points.


THL 5000 Tesla doesn’t use the latest MediaTek processors. Instead the phone is equipped with MTK6592M, which is at the bottom of the MTK octa-core chart. Don’t feel depressed about it, because the phone works great. We ran several benchmarks and we are satisfied with the results. We ran Antutu, Geekbench 3, Vellamo, Quadrant, GFXBench, Browsermark and Kraken 1.1 tests. However Kraken was constantly crashing and we didn’t manage to collect the results. After our tests, we noticed, that one of the battery saving options was enabled. It was about reducing the processor speed in order to save battery and lower the processor temperature. We thought that probably this affected our tests results, so we tried again. We didn’t notice any significant difference, when we disabled the option. Actually we even got a little bit lower results with some tests. We are not sure, if the power saving option in the Battery menu actually does something. You can see the screenshots below.

THL 5000 Tesla doesn’t always show steady results. In one of our multi-core test it was surpassed by Moto G, which actually has only 4 cores clocked on lower speed. At the same time some results were better than Samsung Galaxy S4. Octa-core may sounds impressive, but it’s not actually such an impressive beast. It’s a decent mid-range processor, but nothing more.

If we put the numbers aside, then we have one good performing device. We didn’t encounter any lag and issues with the phone. It performs smooth with the everyday tasks. With about 30 apps installed on the phone, we still had more than 400MB free RAM memory to use.

The GPU is Mali-450 MP4. At least this is what was displayed, when we tested the phone with several softwares. According to THL’s official website, THL 5000 Tesla should be equipped with Mali-400 MP2. Perhaps it’s really Mali-450 MP4, since it was recognized by several softwares. Great news. THL 5000 Tesla has no problems running mid-to-heavy games like Asphalt 8. There’s no lag and you can enjoy a smooth gameplay.

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