Windows 10 – new features to fight Android and iOS

Even being the third largest mobile platform Windows is still lots of behind Android and iOS in terms of popularity. Developers are mostly focused on developing applications for Android and iOS and Windows lacks behind, compared to the applications market size. Windows 10 logoThe company needs a ground breaker, if wants to attract more customers and it needs it as soon as possible. Microsoft announced the new Windows 10 – a brave attempt to unify computers, tablets and smartphones.


Project Spartan

Say goodbye to Internet Explorer. Microsoft is going to count on another browser in Windows 10, which is called Spartan. It will offer some cool features like reading mode, reading list (pick up content, which you can read later on any device) and even allows to take note directly on the web page itself.

Synchronized Action center

The action center will be synchronized between all your devices. In Windows 10 you can receive your notifications directly on your computer and dismissing a notification on your PC will dismiss it on your phone as well.

Universal apps

One of the most exciting features will allow one application to be compatible on pc, smartphone and tablet. There won’t be different applications for all types of devices, but every application will be able to run on every platform.

New photo application

Windows 10 photo application will synchronize your pictures in the cloud and they will be available on all devices. It will apply auto enhanced on each picture automatically in the cloud (if you enable this option) and will be able to create albums based on dates. It can also create albums based on similar locations or even recognize the same people you take pictures with. It will also inform you about duplicates and blurred pictures. It will be able to choose the best picture among several and offer you to keep it, dismissing all other similar pictures.


Cortana will come not only to your phone, but to your pc as well. Now you will be able to use the personal assistant with Windows 10 on your computer. You can ‘write’ (actually dictate) and send emails without touching the keyboard. Welcome to the future! You can use Cortana just like with your smartphone and she will remind you about meetings, appointments or can answer your questions.


Windows 10 should finally come with real wallpapers. You will be able to enjoy a custom image and the single color tiles should not be a problem anymore.

Windows 10 MS Office

There will be universal apps for the MS Office collection – Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Wireless printing should arrive as well to Windows 10. New Outlook and new Calendar with Metro UI style will be added out of the box.

Don’t be thinking that these are all the features that will come to the new Windows 10. These are the features that we found most useful and interesting. Do you think that they are interesting enough and make you buy a Windows phone ?

Check a video from the official Windows channel in YouTube with more details about some of the new features.

Source Microsoft

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