Windows 10 update – how to force and install it easy

Windows 10 logoWindows 10 update just came out officially yesterday and probably lots of folks out there are looking forward for the new operating system. However Microsoft is not able to serve such huge amount of Windows 10 update reservations at one time and they said that the operating system will be distributed within the next days and weeks. So you, if you are lucky then you might get a chance to receive it within a few days. Of course nobody likes waiting, so we dug up and tried to find some easier way. We wanted to force Windows 10 update and to install it as soon as possible.

We saw several different suggestions on the internet, but only one of them worked for us. That’s why we’ll post the easiest (according to us) method, which actually works. It’s not actually force Windows 10 update, but instead you just grab it from the source.

Windows 10 update within 3 easy steps

First in your browser search for Windows 10 ISO and open the Microsoft’s page with the searched result. Here’s the page itself Microsoft 10 ISO

Then you need to scroll down on this page and download the tool depending on your operating system (32-bit or 64-bit).

Once the tool is downloaded then you need simply to run it. Two options will appear – choose the option for upgrading to Windows 10.

That’s all folks! Just three simple steps to get Windows 10. Now you need to wait for the program to download the operating system, back up your files, upgrade it and so on. It may take 1-2 hours depending on your computer and it will restart several times. There’s almost nothing else you need to do except, if you want to customize the installation settings of Windows 10 update (they appear at the end of the installation process).

If by some reason you received a message that your computer cannot be upgraded then make sure that all pending updates are installed. In Windows 8.1 just open the Search and type Windows Update. Then click Check for updates and wait for a while. Install all updates – both important and recommended. Lastly don’t forget that your copy of Windows must be a genuine one.

Of course you can always search the internet for more options, if this one doesn’t work for you.

We hope that this will work for you as easy as it worked for us.

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