Xiaomi laptop ahead – is that true ?

The most valuable start-up company by the present moment – Xiaomi – can’t stop surprising us. There are several leaked photos of what looks like a Xiaomi laptop. GizmoChina published the pictures of what could be the possible future Xiaomi laptop. The pictures don’t show much and probably some people won’t see anything suspicious or wrong. However for some folks, especially Apple fans, this would look like another rip-off by the Chinese company. The Xiaomi laptop looks more or less like an Apple’s MacBook Air. Actually the only difference that can be spotted on the pictures is the orange Xiaomi’s logo instead of the Apple’s one. We offer you a few pictures of Xiaomi laptop and MacBook Air, so you can decide by yourself what the similarities are.

In terms of hardware the Xiaomi laptop is supposed to offer Intel i7 processor and 2 slots of 8GB RAM. The display is 15-inches FHD and the video will be powered by NVidia 2GB card. What is interesting is that is should run Xioami’s modified version of Linux. Maybe we can see any integration between Xiaomi’s smartphones and laptops (if this rumor turns to be true). The price is rumored to be under $500 (at least in China), which makes this laptop extremely competitive, just like the rest of Xiaomi’s gadgets.

This information is not yet officially confirmed by Xiaomi, so you should take it with a pinch of salt. Xiaomi laptop can be another addition to Xiaomi’s wide variety of devices. The company even has very own air purifier, so we can say that it will be difficult to surprise us with something even crazier.

Image of Xiaomi laptop listed for sellAt the same time some Chinese online sellers already announced pre-orders for the Xiaomi laptop. The price is about 50% higher and there is no information, when will be the laptop available.

Source GizmoChina

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