Xiaomi Mi4 – 5 reasons still to buy one

Xiaomi Mi4 profileXiaomi Mi4 is the current Xiaomi’s flagship, although the device just hit its first birthday. This means that it will be soon replaced by the new Xiaomi Mi5. However Xiaomi Mi4 is not a smartphone, which you can just ignore. Being an old model (in the smartphone’s world one year old means old) doesn’t mean useless and uncompetitive. So does it still worth buying a Xiaomi Mi4, considering that the new Mi5 is coming soon ? We think yes and we’ll give you several reasons for that.

Xiaomi Mi4 is compact

Xiaomi Mi4 is a compact 5-inch device. It measures 139.2 mm x 68.5 mm x 8.9 mm. Most of the 5-inch devices are more than 140 mm high, but Mi4 is just a little bit more than 139 mm. It’s also less than 9 mm thin. Mi4 also has pretty adequate screen-to-body ratio of 72.3% (if you are interested how it’s calculated, then you can check our detailed article and try our screen-to-body ratio calculator). This ratio is much better, than some more expensive devices – iPhone 6 (65.8%), iPhone 6 plus (67.8%), Galaxy S6 (70.7%) and even Galaxy S6 edge (71.7%).

Xiaomi Mi4Xiaomi Mi4 packs enough power

Xiaomi Mi4 is powered by Snapdragon 801, which is a quad-core processor running at 2.5 GHz. Why do you need a processor with eight or ten cores, when a quad-core can do the job just fine ? We agree that it’s not the latest and newest technology, but it still has enough power in order to deliver pleasant user experience. Snapdragon 801 is a potent chip and can still be considered as a powerful processor. Xiaomi Mi4’s graphics are held by Adreno 330, which again is not one of the best GPUs out there, but can still be enough for a decent gameplay.

Xiaomi Mi4 has good cameras

Let’s not forget that the camera unit is really important for each device. Xiaomi Mi4 comes with 13 MP Sony back camera with f/1.8 aperture, which is capable of recording 4k videos. It can even record slow motion videos(720p@120fps). The front camera is generous 8 MP and it allows you to record full hd resolution videos (1080p@30fps). This should be enough even for the most fastidious customers out there.

Xiaomi Mi4 securityXiaomi Mi4 brings some useful features

We saw that even being one year old, Xiaomi Mi4 has still a competitive hardware. But that’s not all. The phone comes with some pretty useful features like fast battery charging (60% in 30 min), active noise cancellation with dedicated mic, a player which can handle most of the video formats, GPS support with A-GPS support, GLONASS and Beidou, highly secure and customizable Android software,  ac Wi-Fi support and of course LTE support.

Xiaomi Mi4 is a premium device

Being a flagship devices means that the company has used its best technologies and materials to assembly the device. Xiaomi Mi4 was the best, which Xiaomi offered us in 2014, so you can be sure that you are buying a premium device.

And we saved the best part for the end. As we mentioned several times Xiaomi Mi4 is one year old and the new Xiaomi Mi5 is coming soon. Because of that, the Mi4’s price is constantly dropping to a really tempting level. The phone is more affordable than ever considering the great hardware, which you receive. You can take a look at GearBest, where you can get even lower price with $50 worth coupons, when you sign up.

Xiaomi Mi4 official page

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