Xiaomi Mi5 probably won’t support fingerprint scanner

Image of Xiaomi's logoThe fingerprint scanners are something that we are going to see more often in the future smartphones. Currently there are fingerprint scanners in some premium phones like iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5 and so on. However the scanner can be seen on Chinese $100 devices or some Indian mid-rangers. It’s not an expensive technology, but we can’t really say, if the cheap fingerprint devices work the same way and with the same accuracy as the more expensive one. There are pros and cons about the fingerprint scanners, but we’ll not discuss them.

Xiaomi released a short video explaining, when Mi phones will get a fingerprint scanner. The video is a response to a question asked at #AskMi on Twitter. The answer is pretty simple – the fingerprint scanners are not natively supported by Android. So in order to add such scanner to one of their devices, they will have to invest resources and time, and Xiaomi is not willing to do that at the moment. This means that the 2015 upcoming Xiaomi’s flagships Mi5 probably won’t be equipped with fingerprint scanner.

At the same time there is still almost none information about Mi5 itself. It’s rumored that the Mi5 may spot a 5.7-inches sapphire display, but nothing is yet confirmed. The processor could be the latest not yet officially released Snapdragon 810 by Qualcomm. However the chipset manufacturer experienced some issues during the processor’s development stage and it’s not clear, if they have managed to fix it. Other speculations about Mi5 are about the RAM memory, which probably will be at least 3GB. We can even see some boost specification regarding the RAM, because Mi4 already has 3GB, so it’s possible that Xiaomi upgrade Mi5.

It’s not yet clear, when Xiaomi will announce or show Mi5. CES 2015 is starting after about one week, but we don’t know, if we will even see any dumb Mi5 copy there.

Source Mi Youtube


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