Zenfone may spot dual rear cameras

A teaser showed up on Asus’ page on Facebook showing a few seconds, of let’s say hints, of how the new Asus Zenfone may look like. The video doesn’t reveal much and it’s only 10 seconds long, but Asus definitely are trying to attract our attention. You can see the profile of the phone in the video and several frames of what look like dual rear cameras. The video also says “See what others can’t see”. The clue is clear enough and we can suggest with confidence that the new Zenfone will be equipped with dual back cameras (however it’s possible that there might be different versions of the handset and such with single camera).

Asus is to follow HTC and Huawei and join the dual cameras smartphones family. HTC has M8, but the second camera there is used only for adding photo effects. Huawei released recently photo samples taken by Huawei Honor 6 dual camera, which were really impressive and far beyond M8’s capabilities. We hope that Asus will provide more information about the new handset and the camera itself, before the official release of the phone. The new Asus Zenfone should be announced during CES 2015, which takes place between January 6th-9th.

We hope that the new Zenfone will go even further with the Asus’ PixelMaster technology, which is served with the current Zenfones. It combines four adjacent pixels into one and image processing algorithms are applied. The result is an increase to the light sensitivity by up to 400% and a boost to color contrast by up to 200%. The technology is great for taking low light shots. There also other different modes like Selfie, Beautification , PanoSphere  and so on. Actually you can download and check the application itself, because it’s available on Google Play. Just click on the source link at the bottom. However keep in mind that the application may not be fully compatible with all devices.

 Source Asus Facebook, PixelMaster Google Play

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