Do you want to become smarter, more attractive, and more perceptive? Subliminal messages are one of the safe, natural and effective ways to help you achieve these objectives. To get the benefit from this technology, you need to create powerful subliminal messages.

In this article, we will tell you more about how you can create these messages, and transform yourself in a positive way.

Be Positive

If you are thinking about how to make subliminal messages, then the first step in creating a subliminal affirmation message is that it should be positive. While framing sentences, you should avoid negative words like “not”, can’t, “don’t”, shouldn’t, etc.

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Your subconscious mind cannot process these words properly. So instead of writing “I do not like to stay awake at late night eating chocolates. In place of it, frame the statement like “My stomach remains completely satisfied from the time I reach the bed at night till the morning”

Ambiance or Music

The next important thing that you need to consider is preparing the right ambiance so as to make it easier for your mind to absorb the affirmative message. Sound and ambiance play a lot of role in grasping the message completely. To get the best from this method, you need to first relax your mind. Soothing music helps in creating a relaxing atmosphere.

The sound of waterfalls, ocean waves, and raindrops calm your conscious mind, so that it can’t judge the affirmative message, and it sinks easily into the subconscious mind. Also, when your conscious mind relaxes, your subconscious mind becomes more receptive, and you can accomplish your task easily.

Play the messages in a Loop

Once you have created the message as per the above instructions and created a calming atmosphere, the next thing that is needed is to record them and play them in a loop. This is done by copying every single statement three times consecutively so that it gets played back thrice at once.

This happens because repetition helps the subconscious mind to process the instruction better. It is important to lower the volume of the player such that they are clearly audible to you. Repeat the messages to yourself to make it more effective.

Select the Right Playback Device

To record these messages in triplets, and play them in a loop, you would need a player device to achieve this task. IPads, iPhones, and iPods are the best devices that you can use to implement the task.


We all dream to have an attractive personality, and mental acuity. Whatever be your goals, you can achieve them when you create the messages in the right way and implement them diligently.

The more seriously you implement this technique, the greater are the chances to see benefits within you.  All these suggestions would help you make yourself into what you have dreamed of.

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