The entire world struggling to win the battle against this dreaded COVID-19. We are at war with an unknown enemy which can strike us anytime without warning. You might be quarantined and practicing social distancing, but in addition to this certain precautions at home can keep you safe.

Stay Protected with Ply Masks

Many of us have a misconception about COVID-19. Many COVID-19 positive cases have been people who have returned from high-risk areas or have encountered them. So, if you are confined at home and not meeting people means you are safe from COVID-19. The real question is “Are you safe?”

There have been cases wherein people who have never traveled to high-risk places or encountered anyone have been tested positive for COVID-19. The first precaution to take while stepping out of your home is wearing 3 Ply masks. You can order your masks from companies such as Custom Earth Promos situated in Delray Beach, Florida that sell FDA approved and CE certified masks.

All products produced by them are made from eco-friendly materials. The ply masks can offer 90% protection against COVID-19. You can wear these masks while out in public so that you do not pick up germs and other viral infections from others, especially if you are allergic or have a low immune system.

If you have a common cold, please do not panic and assume automatically that you are infected with COVID-19. Common colds will go after in a few days with medications. During this time, it is better that you always wear your mask, even while at home. There may be other people out there who might catch it from you, especially the elderly, sick or kids.

Tips to Stay Safe at Home

You always need to be updated with your local news on COVID-19. If your neighborhood is a high-risk place, ensure that you and your loved ones are well-protected. Some tips that can be useful here would be:

  • Keep you home clean and tidy
  • Ensure to use disinfectants to clean surfaces and floors
  • Keep your medicine cabinet stocked up with medicines
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and sanitizers
  • Keep yourself healthy by eating good food
  • Stock food items that have a long shelf life so that you can use them in the long run
  • Ensure that you follow the instructions of your State government and health officials
  • Avoid public places as much as you can

Be considerate of others and ensure that you stock only that quantity you require. If you have elderly neighbors, ensure to call and check up on them for food or medicine supplies. Do not panic or listen to false rumors.

If you have kids at home, keep them engaged in different activities. This might be a tough time for them as they need to stay at home and cannot go out and play. They need to expel their energy and what better way than keeping them engaged with creative stuff?


We not get boggled by this scenario. It is just a phase and with the right precautions, we will be able to win this battle.

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