The main purpose of the implementation of SEO practices is to get greater exposure and visibility on the search engine results page. This practice is implemented in four ways and all these ways help you achieve this objective.

To find the right type of SEO, you need to look at how these strategies align with the guidelines of prominent search engines and how they affect your SEO efforts.

Black hat SEO

Black hat SEO is an inexpensive way to implement SEO in the business. It follows a shortcut to accomplish your business goals quickly. Black hat SEO strategies violate Google’s guidelines.

Your website also bears the risk that it can be ranked low, banned from search results, or devalued based on the updated ranking algorithm. Some of the practices used are keyword hiding or stuffing, plagiarism, doorway pages, cloaking, thin content, private blog networks, etc.

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White hat SEO

A white hat is the safest and trusted type of SEO. It is ethical and adheres to the guidelines set by Google. Due to this reason, this technique is implemented by most of the reputed SEO and content marketing firms on the market.

This strategy takes longer to implement and makes a consistent effort to produce the desired outcome. Due to which it is expensive too. A website that uses White hat SEO is less risky and deliver lasting value with passing time.

Practices used in white hat SEO are writing appropriate, and useful content, organize the website content to assist people to quickly and easily locate the stuff, and promote web content on social networking websites to earn links and exposure,

Grey hat SEO

This is the third type of SEO technique that lays between the Black hat and White hat SEO strategies. It is not labeled as deceptive but it is also not fully trusted as a White hat strategy.

There is no surety that this technique will not protect you from penalty or demotion. Grey hat SEO uses practices such as clickbait, spun content, prolific exchanges of links, and paying for reviews.

Negative SEO

This type of SEO implements either a grey or black hat SEO technique on the website of any other person. The major reason for doing it is to harm the reputation of other businesses. A business can do to harm its competitors and move up on the search engine results page.

Negative SEO practices implement developing undesirable and unnatural links to the website of the competitor, stealing content, posting damaging reviews, altering its content, and hacking the website.


The selection of the right SEO type depends on the objectives of the business. It is better to stick to SEO that implements white hat practices as they adhere to the guidelines of Google and chances of the violation are nil. The SEO type you implement should help Google to locate, fulfill business objectives, and provide visitors with a beneficial and superior quality experience.

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