Steam turbines were used to produce electricity in the late 1880s. Today, gas turbines are used for electricity generation needed in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Generators and turbines run consistently to generate power, so need regular maintenance and repair services. It helps to enhance the operational performance and safety.

Gas turbines operate at severe pressure levels, so its mechanical shape has to be ideal for operating with high efficiency. They need professional inspection services. Borescope inspection plays a huge role in performing a non-destructive examination {NDE}.

What is NDE?

It is a technique, where the turbine components are inspected with a diagnostic tool that needs minimal disassembling. Boroscope is an optical tool that comprises a camera head on one end of the cable and visual display on the monitoring side. Both ends get connected with fiber optic cable.

The borescope camera allows inspectors to get a clear view of the concealed compartments and units within the turbine. For more information on NDE and boroscope, visit NDE allows visual scrutiny, which is cost-effective and efficient as there is no need for any components to be taken apart.

Advantageous highlights of gas turbine inspection with a boroscope

  • No need to separate the components of the turbine for investigating. Time, effort, and money that you had to put in disassembling the parts get saved.
  • Boroscopes can gain access in tight spaces, and you get clear images of concealed turbine compartments.
  • The flexibility of the transmission cable enables you to reach deep inside the gas turbines for a thorough inspection.
  • The inspection is quick, and you can complete a comprehensive inspection report within a short time without any concern about disassembling and assembling.
  • The high-end borescope captures high-resolution images that can get documented with the inspection report for analysis and future reference.
  • The images and videos captured are so clear that tiny flaws in the turbine parts are visible.
  • The borescope inspection is accurate and reliable, so it has become popular for the turbine examination.
  • Top-notch camera technology allows for high image resolution allowing more detailed images for remote viewing.
  • The images show correct measurements of the fissures or cracks, and thus the flaw detection quality is great.
  • Because of high resolution, the measurement recorded during turbine inspection is accurate. The new generation HD video borescopes design offers 300% greater accuracy. It means even hairline cracks can get detected with ease.
  • You can even see in the unreachable areas with low lighting.
  • The length of the inspection probe allows you to reach from a distance of 105mm.
  • The number of pixels available the borescopes allows zooming without distorting the image.
  • Reports documented are also of better quality as they can be saved in compressed files

Why hire an expert for gas turbine services?

The professionals are well-trained in using the borescope and identify the issues. They inspect the gas turbines properly and safely. Problems detected in early stages save the costly repairs down the road. Ensure to keep your gas turbines operating efficiently and safely with regular borescope inspection. They are crucial and affordable.

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