Digital advertising campaigns are getting more and more popular. Every year there is an increase in the annual Australian Internet Advertising revenue. Due to this trend, the opposition is getting severe and tough. The online market space is getting overcrowded with ads.

Small businesses can get lost easily among the crowd. Therefore, you must use Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, content marketing, etc. properly. It will increase your brand visibility, awareness, and even sales. Digital ads offer more than just branding. For example, it helps to promote an event and even drive sales.

Helpful tips to take advantage of your online ads

  • Google Adwords features like add site links need to be used. It is free and allows adding few extra links at the ad’s bottom. The links can say ‘Pricing’, ‘Free Trial’, etc.
  • Negative keywords are the ones you don’t desire your PPC ads to get displayed for. For example, you offer web developer services, but you wouldn’t want your ads displayed for ‘web developer jobs’ searches. Here ‘jobs’ is a good word to add to your negative keyword list.
  • Your goal when users click on a banner display will be to move them to your landing page and not achieve a buying commitment. If users feel they are getting bonded to a sales pitch they will not click on the banner ad. Get them to your landing page, where they will buy more rather than from the banner ad.
  • Check your landing page because it is where visitors land when they click on the result page. They come seeking a solution to their issues, so make sure your landing page addresses it to a specific degree.
  • Have some relevant graphics from the banner ad on your landing page and other pages to create a visual connection. Never dive completely in a sales-pitch. Think about what will keep the prospect on your page. For example, an image. If you add a human face because it relates well with the public keep it simple. Never overcrowd the ad!
  • More targeted ads are extremely effective, so while creating Facebook ads choose the targeting options like precise interest, where the small but specific audience can get captured. Broad categories allow getting an extensive, but general audience. Therefore, clearly define your target on Facebook ads.
  • The online ad is expensive, so try to narrow your high-value target audience. It means the audience with a high inclination to respond to your ad instantly.
  • Consider video ads. Even though they are time-consuming and expensive to place the results are dramatically higher than display ads. Display ads are more effective in emotional, complex, or high-end purchases.
  • Consider retargeting [remarketing]. It is a feature that allows you to reach visitors who already came to your website, but left without making any purchase. Make sure to set this feature on your Google Adwords account.

When a visitor visits your site, they get added to the retargeting list. When they leave your website and visit other sites in tandem with the Google Display Network, your ads appear automatically on those sites. It is a great way to keep your brand in front of the prospective visitors even after they left your website.

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