Want to get your music to Google play but not getting the right platform for doing so? Well, then Music Digi has it covered as it allows you to upload music on Amazon, YouTube Music, Spotify, iTunes, etc. Put your music there and your fans will be able to listen to all! Start to sell your music on Amazon and you can keep 100% of the money that you earn.

Music Digi makes it easy for you to upload your songs and the streaming time is just 24 to 72 hours. It becomes so easy to upload your songs on Amazon with all-important digital platforms.

  • Create an account on Music Digi and from then on, you can upload all your songs to your account only. Upload your cover art as well for tracking the music you are selling on Amazon.
  • Music Digi puts your music to Amazon and apart from that, in all the major platforms that are currently trending.
  • Every time your music is getting streamed or it is downloaded in the music stores, then you will be paid directly to your Music Digi account.

Just at a meagre amount of $39 per year, you can distribute and sell your music online in a wide network of music platforms. To sell music online, you just have to pay a nominal amount. You can make money from YouTube and also free UPC and ISRC codes. It offers music to over 100+ different platforms and your music is your own and it will forever remain like that only.

You will be able to monitor all your sales progress through the detailed reporting procedure. And the artist support team is so good and attentive that they try to solve all your problems.

About Google Play Music

With over 1 billion users per month, Google Play is one of the most-used apps for uploading of songs as well. By uploading it on Google Play, you make it available for all and easy streaming for every music lover. Every time any of your songs get uploaded, the royalties go directly to your account.

Give your fans the option of buying your music on CD directly from Amazon. Some of your fans are still CD lovers and will want it, so you can give it to them directly from Amazon. You don’t have to do any legal work in that case. There is no managing inventory and no overhead expenses. With this process, you are giving all your fan your music CDs without giving them any extra hassles.

Music Digi is for all those independent artists who are working for over a decade and they have been giving a platform to all the artists for making others listen to their songs everywhere. Even if you don’t have a label, that is not a problem at all.


It has almost 150 digital stores and the streaming goes on in about 200 different countries in the world. Amazon music is affordable and easy.


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